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The Selection Strategy Of Waterproof WPC Door

The wooden door is now indispensable in home decoration. It is the most basic safety guarantee for the providers of our home life, so it is especially important to buy a good wooden door. When buying a wooden door, the waterproof performance of the wooden door is also a point worthy of our attention. Generally, the wooden door is relatively damp. Next, let's discuss the selection strategy of Waterproof WPC Door :


1. The basics look at the board, the choice is very important

Board is the main material for wooden doors. When buying wooden doors with good waterproof performance, the main materials should not be treated sloppily. When choosing a sheet, we must first pay attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and whether the environmental protection material meets the E1 standard.


2. Don't ignore the internal space

If the wooden door you want to buy is actually in a humid place such as a bathroom, the inferior wooden door is likely to deform the bottom plate under the wooden door after a period of use. So when we buy wooden doors, we can knock on the wooden door with our hands. The fillings in the door are generally divided into solid and partly solid. The solid filling is definitely heavy and the price is expensive, while the part of the solid is relatively light and the price is relatively high. Cheap. However, some black-hearted businesses use some scraps as fillers to increase weight, so consumers are best to buy branded products. If the knocking sound is even and dull, it means that the door is of better quality.


3. Don't let go of the subtleties

When choosing, we must pay attention to the small part of the humanized design, which is also a key factor in the success or failure of buying furniture. Small areas such as keyholes, hardware, sealing strips, etc., often play a very important role in the moisture-proof performance of the home, so you must not overlook the small parts when choosing. The quality of the wooden door is good or bad, and you can basically know it by observing these details.


4. Determine where the wooden door is used

When picking wooden doors, especially wooden doors in bathrooms and kitchens that have been exposed to moisture for a long time, consumers must pay attention to the details on the back. The double decorative veneer back panel can completely avoid the exposure of the MDF substrate. This design is the key to waterproofing and moisture-proof. The right purchase can greatly reduce the risk of damp furniture.


5. Focus on supervising the installation process

The installation of furniture often requires digging holes in the board, and the multifunctional edge banding tape can tightly wrap the cutting edge of the board, which has a better waterproof and moisture-proof effect. Choosing a good wooden door is actually just the first step. In damp weather, or when installed in a humid place, water droplets and water vapor are permeable. If you want to do a good job of waterproofing, you must choose a brand with quality assurance and a good reputation. Do a good job of waterproofing and moisture-proofing from all aspects.