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Installation Sequence Of WPC Door With Frame

Installation sequence of WPC Door With Frame :

1. To assemble, first find out the door cover and the vertical plate, and then align the joint according to the back number. Note that the opening must be on the same plane, and finally apply glue to the joint.

2. Installation, the first step is to put the firmly assembled door cover into the door hole, and then use small wooden strips to roughly fix the door cover around, so that the two sides of the door cover should be on the same plane as the wall, and finally check the door cover as a whole and the ground. Whether it is vertical, whether the two corners of the top plate of the door cover and the two vertical plates are right angles, whether the vertical plate of the door cover is bent, twist the two ends of the iron sheet to wrap the wall.

3. Install the door leaf. Open the hinge slot first, and the distance between the hinge slot and the two ends of the door leaf should be 1/10 of the height of the door leaf.

4. Install the door lock. After installation, check whether the door leaf and door lock switch are flexible.

5. Install the door cover line. Cut the door cover line with the right-angled edge into a 45-degree angle, trim it with a wood planer, insert the right-angled edge into the door cover groove, and use the floor glue to stick the door cover line and the door cover board firmly.

6. Install the door suction at the corresponding position, so that the door will not be closed artificially due to strong wind.