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WPC Interior Door Manufacturers Introduces The Features Of Suit Doors

WPC Interior Door Manufacturers introduces the features of suit doors:

1. The surface is made of precious solid wood veneer, such as black walnut, cherry wood, teak, Sapele, white maple, rosewood, etc. The texture is natural and beautiful; the veneer wooden door is rich in natural texture, beautiful, and resistant to impact.

2. The unique structural advantages make the styles of wooden doors vary.

3. Excellent environmental performance, the product reaches the national environmental protection index.

4. Better sound insulation and heat insulation.

5. The door covers used in the high-end solid wood composite doors are all factory-processed, which is easy and quick to install, which directly avoids painting and noise pollution on site.

6. Only the finished solid wood composite door is convenient for decoration. It can perfectly match with the furniture and decorations in style and color, which can show the owner's understanding of the living environment and the taste and pursuit of lifestyle to the greatest extent.