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Purchasing Requirements For WPC Board WPC Door

The wood-plastic door is made of wood ultra-fine powder particles mixed with polymer resin and is made by a molding process. Because the raw materials used and the production process are not glued together, no harmful substances such as formaldehyde will be generated, and it is a green and environmentally friendly new material that replaces traditional wood. What should I pay attention to when purchasing WPC Board WPC Door ?


1. First, touch by hand whether the paint film on the surface of the door is full, and whether it is smooth and even. Stand on the oblique side of the door to find the reflective point of view on the facade, whether there is a peeling phenomenon, and whether there are small protruding particles. If there is a peeling phenomenon, it means that the paint film baking process is not enough.

2. Then smell the smell of the door, open the closed door first, whether there is a pungent smell, if people want to shed tears or sneeze, it means that the release of formaldehyde is relatively high, it is a material that is not passable, there may be problems and it is recommended not to buy.

3. Look at whether the shape of the wooden door is consistent with the room decoration style. The furniture decoration style is mainly divided into Chinese style, European style, simple, mixed, and so on.

4. More and more wooden door enterprises are discovering the importance of after-sales service, especially some large brand enterprises provide after-sales service, but some small brands still do not provide this service. It is recommended that you go to regular channels to purchase, so as to ensure the after-sales service.