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Maintenance Precautions For WPC Board Wpc Door


Maintenance precautions for WPC Board WPC Door :

1. The environment in the living room should be well ventilated. It is necessary to open the doors and windows frequently for ventilation, especially for the rooms where people do not live often. Because if the indoor air circulation is not good, the wooden door is prone to arching and curling. Therefore, during the use of the wooden door, it is necessary to regularly check the ventilation of the house, so as to prolong its service life.

2. If the wooden door is in an idle state, it is best to keep it in a fully open or fully closed state, not in a half-open state. Because this will increase the pressure on the hinge, which will easily cause the door leaf to loosen or deform. In addition, the door in this semi-closed state is easily attacked by the strong wind blowing into the room and is closed by sudden gravity, causing great damage to the door body.

3. During the use of the wooden door, if there is a sign of arching, it must be repaired immediately, and cannot be repaired until it is arched very high. In addition, for the arched part of the wooden door, be sure not to squeeze it, so as not to damage the notch and not repair it.