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Quality Index Requirements For WPC Door Panel

WPC Door Panels are not directly made of wood, which many people misunderstand. In fact, this is also a mixture of PVC resin and good wood powder, which is mixed with some auxiliary materials according to the proportion. Like other wooden doors, its quality has the index value to be achieved:

1. The method of sample acquisition: For wood-plastic door products, the actual thickness of the selected sample is expressly stipulated in the "specimen preparation" that the mechanical processing method is used to cut off the 100 mm edges of the longitudinal sides of the door panel, respectively. Sample evenly.

2. Environmental protection and formaldehyde-free: The wood-plastic door should use formaldehyde-free wood-plastic composite profiles as the main material, and it is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving interior decoration product processed according to the mechanical assembly process and modern biological transfer process. Its outstanding main characteristic is green.

3. Flame retardant performance: According to the incineration treatment characteristics test of wood-plastic building materials, the incineration treatment status is similar to that of wood, but it is more flame-retardant than wood.

4. Good thermal insulation, noise reduction, and sound insulation performance: The material used in the wood-plastic door has a uniform and fine cells and a specially designed cavity structure, which ensures that its thermal conductivity is lower than that of ordinary plastic materials and its noise reduction performance is better.

5. Anti-degradation and other technical indicators: Since wood-plastic products are exposed to light and heat for a long time during the use process, if the anti-degradation characteristics are not good, the appearance of the product is easy to age and degrade.