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Customization, open a new era of home door industry

The market trend of post-80s and 90s consumers is becoming younger and more individualized. Customized household consumption has become the mainstream. Consumer demand for high-end customization and whole-house customization continues to expand, with the theme of "customization" and "door industry" The 7th China International Integrated Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition and the 19th China International Door Industry Exhibition (CIDE 2021 Beijing Custom Home Furnishing Industry Exhibition) recently opened grandly in Beijing·Shunyi New International Exhibition.

This exhibition is co-sponsored by China Forest Products Industry Association, China Timber and Wood Products Circulation Association, France Zhiao Exhibition Group and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, and is hosted by China Exhibition Zhiao (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
With a total exhibition area of ​​120,000 square meters, more than 1,200 companies in the industry chain of custom home furnishings, doors and windows, and custom home furnishings gathered in the capital, bringing a feast of new product display and trend appreciation to the custom home furnishing industry. The opening of the CIDE Beijing Custom Home Furnishing Industry Exhibition will also play a key role in promoting the recovery and development of the custom home furnishing industry in the post-epidemic era.
This exhibition is expected to attract tens of thousands of professional visitors to the venue, seeking high-quality new products, new technologies and high-quality services. These professional audiences include distributors, agents, designers, engineers, real estate developers, media, associations, etc. from all over the country.
Well-known brands all debut
Leading the development direction of the industry
The exhibits of this exhibition cover the entire industry chain of customized home furnishing products, including new designs, new products, New technologies, new materials and new functions. TATA, 3D unpainted wooden doors, Shangpin True Color, Xindi, D3 Space, Zhanzhi Tianhua, Panpan, Pinqiao, Paiya doors and windows, Ego armored doors, Yuelongmen, Bayerney, Haobao hardware and many other industries Well-known brands were all unveiled, which greatly demonstrated the quality, status and ambition of brands in the custom home and door industry.

Walking through the hall, there is a surging crowd, and each booth has a different style and fully reflects the brand characteristics.
At this exhibition, Xindi wooden door launched a new product on the scene-the top door is particularly eye-catching, the door leaf is super high design, the height can be up to 3 meters, the metal line inlay highlights the sense of light luxury, and the extremely narrow frame design is stylish and simple. The whole space has a stronger sense of depth, giving customers a better visual experience.
Golden Knight brought the Italian T-shaped door and wooden door products with water-based ink technology to a stunning appearance. Golden Knight adopted the Swiss ARCOLOR water-based ink coating technology. With other supporting crafts and technologies of Golden Knights, the T-door of Golden Knights is closer to zero formaldehyde. From the structural improvement of traditional T-shaped doors to the introduction of water-based ink coating technology, Golden Knight’s focus has always been on wooden doors, and the specialization of wooden doors has made Golden Knights an expert in the wooden door industry.

Haobao Hardware has brought its more beautiful and extreme, minimalist hardware products that focus on simplicity and youthfulness. For wooden door companies, Haobao Hardware is committed to providing wooden door companies with good products for HOLD consumers. It has the advantages of strong design capabilities, large production capacity, customization, and can provide customized development and tailor-made one-to-one production solutions. Many wooden door companies have reached cooperation.
An endless stream of audiences
Popularity at the exhibition site
On the first day of the exhibition, dealers, agents, designers, engineers, real estate developers, media, associations and other professional audiences from all over the country were in an endless stream. In addition, this year's CIDE Beijing Custom Home Furnishing Industry Exhibition also ushered in many buyers visiting groups from Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi and many other places.

For these professional buyers, CIDE meticulously designed the reception plan and visiting route, and members of the buyer group expressed their appreciation. Through in-depth cooperation with local associations, media, professional markets and other units in many places, while strengthening the promotion of the exhibition, it also deepens the audience's sense of service.
High-end customization is unabated
The key element of customer acquisition is design
As a vane and booster leading the development of the industry, CIDE Beijing Custom Home Furnishing Industry Exhibition is still the most interesting theme exhibition area of ​​CIDE this year. The exhibition halls of various colors with different design styles constitute the booths of various exhibitors, from the luxurious and elegant European-style master bedroom to the simple and modern exquisite living room. The collision of colors and the coordination of materials bring beauty to the visitors. While enjoying, it also reflects as much as possible the characteristics of each exhibitor's own brand, products and technology, so as to achieve business intentions on the booth more efficiently.

Most of the indoor exhibits tend to be simple in style and design, and tend to be fashionable and environmentally friendly. The participating brands continue to in-depth explore the categories of products that can better meet the needs of living. I believe that a stroll around will definitely subvert your traditional cognition and imagination of category products.

The coating hardware machinery and equipment exhibition area concentrates on environmental protection furniture paint, smart locks, smart manufacturing new technology and new equipment, etc. Manufacturers and distributors who need to purchase and observe on-site can fully negotiate and exchange.
The reason why TAs have become "brands"
It's not just about being "different"
In the context of the transformation and upgrading of the custom home furnishing industry, this exhibition specially set up a "brand hall" to showcase the brand growth and changes of custom home Distributors, agents, decoration companies, designers, etc. bring more open, innovative, and transformative new thinking, inject new momentum into the rapid development of the customized home door industry, and continue to build and upgrade business opportunities that integrate industry resources. Industry exchange destination.

Big coffee dry goods sharing
Highlights of the same period
In order to improve the quality and effect of the exhibition, the organizer jointly organized a number of online and offline activities with authoritative platforms and institutions such as Tencent Home Furnishing, Sohu Focus Home Furnishing, China Building Materials Network, Hui Ya Information, Sina Home Furnishing, China Mumen Net and other mainstream media.
Decisive battle transition period-2021 China's customized large-scale home furnishing industry
Innovation summit held
CIDE and Tencent Home Furnishing jointly held the "Decisive Battle Transition Period-2021 China Customized Large Home Furnishing Industry Innovation Summit" in the E4 forum in the morning. What is the direction of the whole house? What is the key to the success of the transformation of the wooden door enterprise? How will the high-end customized products develop? Hot topics for these industries. Li Jiacong, General Manager of Shangpin Home Delivery, Zhang Yan, Vice President of TATA Wooden Door, and Cai Xingguo, CEO of Boloni, shared in-depth one by one, bringing the CIDE industry exchange atmosphere to a new level.

"Born to Heart" 2021 China Door Industry Trend Forum
Cum Chinese Home Furnishing Brand Golden Pineapple Award Ceremony
This forum activity takes "new forms, new changes, and new trends" as the direction of discussion, discusses new changes in the wooden door industry, empowers the brand, improves brand value, and leads the new trend of the wooden door industry. Invited TATA, Shangpin True Color and many other big names to participate in the forum, provide new ideas for transformation and breakthrough, and jointly witness the development of the wooden door industry! At the same time, the 2020-2021 wooden door complete Golden Pineapple Award winners were announced at the meeting.