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WPC Doors Manufacturer Introduces 4 Types Of Wooden Door Materials

WPC Doors Manufacturer introduces 4 types of wooden door materials:

1. The price of solid wood doors is slightly more expensive, mainly because the raw materials selected are more expensive. They are all precious woods, such as cherry wood, walnut wood, and so on. The wooden door made of this material will not be deformed and has no cracks. At the same time, it has the characteristics of heat insulation and heat preservation. Its sound insulation effect is also very good, so installing solid wood doors in the bedroom can play a sound insulation effect.

2. Solid wood composite door. This material is not pure wooden door material. It is made of fir or some imported filling materials. The density is relatively high, and the weight of the finished product is relatively light, but it is not easy to appear. For the problem of deformation or cracking, its sound insulation effect is not much different from that of solid wood doors, but the price is not as expensive as solid wood doors, so it is chosen by many consumers.

3. Grinding wooden doors. It has the characteristics of being relatively cheap, safe, and convenient. Some middle-income families prefer to buy this kind of wooden door. The texture is more beautiful, and the overall beauty is generous, and it is not prone to cracks or discoloration.

4. Splint doors. This kind of plywood door is made of poplar wood or oak, the surface is relatively smooth, and the cleaning is relatively simple, but there is a disadvantage that it is easy to be damp, and afraid of the sun. Generally speaking, this material is not used for Outdoor door use.