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Front-mounted integrated embedded video doorbell helps the traditional door industry to intelligently upgrade

After seven years of ups and downs in the development of smart homes, under the guidance of the policy of full decoration and delivery, the entry of real estate developers has allowed smart homes to shift from the decentralized market of after-installation to the whole-house smart solution of "pre-installation smart upgrade", and the "smart door" serves as The entrance of pre-furnished home furnishings has also opened up a new path for transformation and upgrading of the traditional door industry.

The customizable front-mounted smart doorbell empowers the traditional door industry to upgrade from smart door locks to "smart doors".

Traditional door industry through the use of embedded video doorbell + smart door lock front-mounted "smart door" solution, can provide users with more intelligent, personalized, stable security services, greatly improving the grade and competitiveness of traditional door products. Different from the rear-mounted doorbell currently on the market, the front-mounted integrated embedded video doorbell has stronger signal transmission stability, worry-free battery life, and more natural appearance. It integrates a camera and doorbell, and detects PIR through motion detection and sound detection. Video shooting of events such as technology triggers, visitors can press the doorbell to trigger the indoor bell ringing and synchronize to the residents' mobile phone APP, the residents can clearly know the situation outside the home through the mobile phone, so that criminals can take advantage of it.

Door industry merchants can also provide personalized customized solutions such as doorbell materials, colors, styles, etc. according to users' aesthetic needs, and create exclusive smart doors for users. The integrated embedded design eliminates worries, not only shows the taste and style of the residents, but also enhances the safety of the home. And smart experience.
In the next five years, the smart home market will grow at a compound growth rate of 14.9%. More front-mounted smart home products will enter the mass market, and front-mounted smart doors will continue to be upgraded, linking with smart home products throughout the house to help traditional doors. Industry transformation and upgrading will bring users a better whole-house smart experience.