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WPC Door Factory Introduces The Purchase Requirements Of Wooden Doors

WPC Door Factory introduces the purchase requirements of wooden doors:

1. First, feel the fullness of the paint on the facade with your hands to achieve smoothness and uniformity. Stand up to the oblique side of the door to find out the reflection angle of the door, whether there is skinning, and whether there are small protruding particles. If peeling occurs, it indicates that the paint film baking process is unqualified.

2. Then open the closed door first to smell the smell. If there is a pungent odor, if people want to cry or sneeze, it means that the release of benzalkonium is relatively high and it is a substandard material. It is likely that there is a problem and it is recommended not to buy it.

3. Look at whether the wooden door shape is consistent with the room decoration style. The furniture decoration style is mainly divided into Chinese, European, simple, mixed and matched, etc. If the room decoration is European style, then the wooden door is recommended to choose European style.

4. More and more wooden door companies realize the importance of after-sales service, especially some large brand companies provide one-stop after-sales service, but some small brands have not yet done so. It is recommended that you go to regular channels to buy, so as to guarantee the later after-sales service.