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How To Choose The Material Of WPC Bathroom Doors

Requirements for selecting the material of WPC Bathroom Doors :


1. If you choose a wooden door, when it comes to using a wooden door as a bathroom door, please note that PVC membrane doors that are not painted on the surface cannot be used in the bathroom, because the waterproofness of the membrane is not as good as the paint, and moisture enters the substrate It is easy to cause blistering and deformation. The problem with the door is not the center of the door, but the door cover and the door frame, which have nothing to do with the middle. Therefore, the door cover of the bathroom door will be replaced with a wood-plastic door cover line or solid wood door cover line. This is determined by everyone. It is best to implement the wooden door in the bathroom. Under normal circumstances, the lacquering effect of slightly better wooden materials is still very good. In addition, after better processing, the wooden materials are used to make painted wood-plastic doors or all solid wood doors, which can improve the wood The water resistance and deformation resistance of the door.


2. If you choose a steel-plastic door, the profile of the steel-plastic door should be lined with galvanized cold-rolled steel that has been cut, welded, and installed. If the manual does not indicate that there is galvanized cold-rolled steel in the door, This is not the first choice for bathroom doors.


3. If you choose aluminum alloy production, we should pay attention when we buy aluminum alloy doors to see if the connections of each part of the door are of fine workmanship, and you can also choose the appearance of the door appropriately.