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WPC Board Wpc Door Picking Tips

What skills do you need to master when purchasing a WPC Board WPC Door ?

1. Feel the paint film on the surface of the wood-plastic door by touching it. If the paint film is full, it means that the paint quality of this wood-plastic door is good, and the painting process is perfect! The painted wood-plastic door can ensure the sealing performance of the wood, which is beneficial to prolonging the service life of the door.

2. Stand on the oblique side of the door and observe the surface of the wood-plastic door through the reflective angle to see if there is an orange peel phenomenon and whether there are protruding particles. These aspects are also related to the quality of the wood-plastic door spray paint.

3. Be sure to ask the seller about the type of paint used by the seller. Generally, there are two answers - PU paint or PE paint. The quality of PE paint is better, its paint film is hard, the covering power is strong, the transparency is good, and it can better express the veneer texture; while the PU paint is slightly worse, the paint film is soft, and it is easy to scratch or damage if it is slightly bumped. However, the prices of the two are naturally different, so for this, everyone should be aware of it, and weigh themselves.

4. Next, you need to observe the subtleties, mainly the joints of the wood-plastic door! A good wood-plastic door is almost perfect in the process of joint processing, and the joints are small and even! If this condition is not met, the quality of the wood plastic door will not be very good.

5. The last thing to look at is the hardware. Generally speaking, the original manufacturer can provide relatively high-quality hardware. In this case, the customer should not buy it by himself. After all, the original parts are still the most suitable. Of course, if the hardware provided by the manufacturer is really unsatisfactory, then you should try to choose a well-known brand when you buy another. Whether it is quality or after-sales, it is more reassuring!