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Why WPC Wood Door Can Be Used As The Bathroom Door

The bathroom doors we usually see are glass doors. It's not that glass doors are bad, but that glass doors developed early. In the early days, almost every family had glass doors. It's not surprising. Therefore, when 90 and 00 are the main decoration forces, in pursuit of fashion and comfort, more and more decoration owners choose WPC Wood Door . Let's take a look at the advantages of WPC Wood Door as a bathroom door.

1. The appearance of the wood-plastic door is very similar to the wooden door, the color of the wood-plastic door is bright, and the lines are pure and natural. Especially popular with young owners.

2. Both the door cover and the door leaf can be made of wood-plastic material.

3. Of course, in addition to choosing the wood-plastic door material, hardware accessories are also very important when choosing a bathroom door.

① The locks should not be rusted: the locks of the bathroom door should not rust or fall off the paint. Generally speaking, all-aluminum solid locks > zinc alloy locks > iron sheet locks.

②The hinge should be durable and not rust: the hinge is a hardware accessory connecting the door frame and the door cover. Doors often need to be opened and closed, and the quality of hinges must pass. Generally, 3 hinges are installed. The bearing capacity of 3 hinges is more balanced and firm than that of 2 hinges, which reduces the probability of deformation of the bathroom door, otherwise, the deformed bathroom door will easily fail to close.