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Advantages And Disadvantages Of WPC Panels Doors?

  WPC panels doors are made by mixing superfine wood powder and polymer resin and are manufactured through the molding process. They have both excellent characteristics of wood and plastic, and the finished products have achieved the effect of real imitation wood. Since the raw materials used and glue are not used in the production process, no harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichloride, and ethylene will be produced. It is a new green and environmentally friendly material that replaces traditional wood.

  The main raw materials of WPC panels doors are PVC resin material and high-quality wood powder. PVC resin adopts domestic medical-grade brand-name products. Membrane treatment to ensure the quality requirements of raw materials for finished products. The formula system of WPC panels doors is equipped with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, adding stabilizers, foaming agents, modifiers, etc., and mixing various ingredients in strict proportions to effectively ensure the product quality of foamed panels.

  The production equipment of WPC panels doors includes a mixing system and an extrusion system, with a high degree of automation. The mixing equipment has the characteristics of high accuracy of ingredients, uniform mixing, and high efficiency, which fundamentally guarantees the stability of WPC panels doors products. Since the production of wood-plastic foam doors has high requirements on foam extrusion equipment, a high-torque twin-screw extruder is used, and the screw, screw-shaped barrel, and other components are modified to adapt to the paint surface of the wood-plastic interior and exterior. Skinning and uniform foaming can avoid the phenomenon of wood powder carbonization.

  WPC panels doors adopt a thermal transfer process to thermally transfer various graphics on the extruded board, so that the product can have a variety of high-grade wood grains and colors, and the appearance design is based on the popular varieties in the market to meet the personality of modern consumers. demand.

  The performance and environmental protection of WPC panels doors materials have been strictly tested, which provides a safe guarantee for home use. WPC panels doors have good mechanical properties and can be machined like wood. They are hard, tough, durable, and wear-resistant. After foaming, a large number of uniform and regular air cells are formed, which can save the finished product. cost.

  Advantages of WPC panels doors

  1. The raw materials used in WPC panels doors are molded once under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure, and vacuum. It does not release any toxic and harmful gases and odors, and it is a large class of environmentally friendly building materials and decoration products.

  2. Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, moth-proof, and non-deformable wood-plastic products have dual characteristics of wood and plastic, so wood-plastic suit doors are especially suitable for large temperature differences, humidity, Poorly ventilated places, such as wet toilets, storage rooms that need to be anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, and moth-proof, etc.

  3. Reasonable structure and high strength The special cavity structure design ensures the ideal internal structure of the wood-plastic foam material, coupled with excellent reasonable formula design and lean production technology, ensures the strength of WPC panels doors products.

  4. WPC panels doors fast installation structure, the door cover is very convenient to install, the door cover line and the door cover are connected by bayonet, and no nails or glue are needed for fixing, saving time and effort for installation.

  5. Good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. The material used in the wood-plastic suit door has uniform and fine cells and a specially designed cavity structure, which ensures that its thermal conductivity is lower than that of ordinary plastic materials and its noise reduction performance is good.

  6. Good flame retardant performance, WPC panels doors do not support combustion when exposed to open flames, and automatically extinguish after leaving the fire, which belongs to the safety level interior decoration door products.

  Disadvantages of WPC panels doors

  1. There are no natural tree species and wood texture, so the WPC panels doors with thermal transfer technology or suction film technology for surface treatment have no natural feeling. It is not resistant to high temperatures and softens when exposed to high temperatures.

  2. WPC panels doors are new and environmentally friendly products, so there is no new and standardized quality standard system in the market. The WPC wood door market has low awareness, because it is not suitable for carving complex or deep patterns, and most of them are simple, unlike wooden doors with concave and convex, carved, and spliced patterns.

  3. One-time molding, although it is a non-standard standard door, the size is still limited by the size of the received profile.

  4. It is not easy to dispose of after scrapping, because it contains plastic molecules, which cannot be incinerated. After incineration, a large amount of poisonous smoke will be produced. WPC panels doors are not fireproof, but not easy to burn.